Every woman has a story to tell, although it is rarely heard in male-dominated workplaces. Our innovative leadership practices at Nexia SAB&T is giving women a voice, squaring the boardroom and balancing the gender equality scales. Be a part of the change, to redefine and redesign gender equality in business. It can be done, and the rewards are limitless.


Ayisha Ramasike

Business Consulting Director

Empowerment is a concept we must own and take accountability for.’

Janice Carolus

Internal audit director

‘Own your female uniqueness wherever you are.

Aadila Aboobaker

External Audit director

‘It is about what a women has to bring to the table.’

Jana Marais

SMME Services Director

Gender empowerment enables us to grow within the firm.

Caroline Chigora

External Audit Director

‘Women empowerment gives women the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage.’

Busisiwe Tshabalala

Internal Audit Manager

‘It is about what a women has to bring to the table.’

Ayesha Ebrahim

External Audit Manager

Women can be leaders in society and business.’

Keabetswe Setouto

IT Auditor

Gender empowerment creates a society where women can become global and economic participants.

Gracia Mulamba

IT Auditor

‘Women should be allowed to use their skills to benefit organisations.’

Karabo Malatji


‘Women are talented, unique and ambitious offering companies fresh ideas and skills.’

Tumishang Mokgatle

Business Development Associate

‘Nexia SAB&T took it upon themselves to empower women from the ground up.’

Zandile Ndolela

External Audit Trainee

‘Given a chance a women can turn anything into gold. All we need is a chance.’

Mercy Marian


‘Equal treatment and access to opportunities makes for a great company.’